Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Journey towards the first job-2 : The first year in SASTRA

Oh yes, I was talking about Packing. Although I have maa that I need not to have anything but some thongs like pickles, sattu, murabba, masalas etc were packed. Counting for election was going on. Pitaji was deputed in counting. But anyhow he managed to return home at about 1.00 AM. As soon as he came, he changed the plan. I was about to leave by SaptaKranti Express which was scheduled at 09.00 AM. I was relaxed went for sleep.

Wokeup in the morning, finished the breakfast and started with Pitaji for the train. Train was on time. Half-an-hour late is called on time in our place. Fathers some more friends came. Had tea and catched the train. Abhay was waiting for me in Bettiah. Abhay is my cousin but we are together from class 5th. And the train was running on the wheels of time.

The first year in college was not remarkable for me. At first I faced lots of problems physical as well as mental. But afterwards, everything became normal. There were three students expect me in my room. But one by one everyone left the college. Someone told this college worst, some one told another college is better and someone by other reason. But I did not have any other reason. I was not able to return back. So, finally decided to struggle and will see what happens. I always have believed on time. I do not now why I assume that although there might not be any good thing but nothing can be bad with me. And till now I have found myself lucky in this way. S, I decided to find my own way to proceed towards this new path. The very first thing I found that although teachers were not of that much good quality, but they are following the same syllabus and good books. If I listen to them then there is no need to study any thing extra. As I am a son of a teacher, so I do have a different respect for teacher. I used to listen them and respect them. Many of students thought that this is “Chaploosi”, but who cares for them? Many of teacher (sirs as well as madams) started liking me. The same thing was continued all the four years. Many of the ladies teachers were younger than me. Anyway… completed the 1st year with a average good CGPA 8.7

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Chandan Dubey said...

Keep writing. It is nice to hear your part of the story on your success and failures :) Joining SASTRA was a good decision. I would have suggested the same (if asked).