Sunday, October 26, 2008

The real Start.....

Oh yes... Its Muzaffarput now. The train was late by 40 minutes. This helped us to reduce some time to spend but still we had to spend more than an hour for the next train i.e Mourya Express. So we thought to go to some cyber cafe and check mails. My mobile also started working as there was no service of TATA Indicom at Narkatiaganj. We were amazed to see that cafe was full of rush. We were happy that at least people of muzaffarpur are using mails and internet. Anyway, we could not check mails but were satisfied after good meals.

At the railway station, Amit with his father was waiting for us. We rushed back to railway station and met uncle. Mourya was late about an hour. We got our berths easily but only to seat and that also was not comfortable because there were more than 15 passengers in a compartment having 8 seats. No body was saying others, waitlisted people, to move out as they were already in problem and there tickets did not get confirmed. Only 5 coaches for second class sleepers were in the train and this is the only train of this route. Of course, we were not traveling first time but in this route, yes for the same college where we spent our valuable four years.

In the very first year there was a north Indian mess and that also for only 6 months. But in second year, north Indian mess was stopped and we had to manage in the only one south Indian mess. Chapaties (breads) were limited and only for two days a week. I do remember the day when I threw my dish on this issue in the first year but again the same thing. I can not say what I achieved in first year but one thing, that is a groupf of good friends. Amit, Surya, AbniKant, Samir, Vikki, bhaskar, Rajesh and Guptaji were some among them. This is not less than an achievement. Isn`t it.

In second year, we got shifted to AV hostel from PV. Abhay was my roommate. my all the three roommates got separated. That sincere and well maintained Laxminarayan, Sleepy and studius Rakesh babu and simple living & High thinkingAmit jhaji.. all these people got shifted to different rooms. Amit jhaji liked RLV and other two were in AV with different roommates. For me, Abhay was with me, so I did not have any issue as we were living together for years.

The section was changed now from D to B. I met new people. Actually not new as I was knowing about all of them, but they came closer to me in this section. Slowly all the section B people became my good friends. The first few were Madhav & Prem and then Markandey and Jyoti (Tripathi ji). A well disciplined section of 37 students and every one was closer to each one of the class. But yes, I got some change in myself and started to study something.

I started study about Watermarking and wavelets. Both topics were very new. Wavelet was really very tough and was not related to my branch and even B. Tech (for any subject). Anyway, I arranged some materials and stated to work on them. In between Amit, who was in Section A now, started to pressurize me for a paper and finally a paper was ready to be sent in a student contest at Annamalai university, Chidambaram and it got selected also. We were happy and it helped a lot in building our self confidence. We got good respect from students of Annamalai university. The presentation was nice and I won the first prize in computer gaming also. Although we could not get any prize in the paper presentation but yes, I got a partner for a long way, i.e. Amit and still he is with me. Now I started working to go for a better contests and conferences.

I also was nominated as executive member of ACE (Association of Computer Engineers) and also gave one seminar at image compression : A mathematical approach. It was not a paper but knowledge sharing session but I learned a lot. I came in contact with Mr. K. Sridhar (M. Tech program coordinator) and through him Ms M Vijaykalyani (Sr. Lecturer, now working as trainer at Infosys Technologies) who was working on a project for "Content based image processing". I was happy to see the real time application of wavelets and she helped me a lot.

As a whole I can say that again I did not achieve anything but yes, This was a real start.

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