Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A journey towards the first job !! - The 1st part

June 18, 2006. Narkatiaganj. Sun is in its full form. It looks like that the sun is determined to burn all the sins from the world. In the same condition I have to leave tomorrow. So, need to make necessary arrangements. Although I have told maa that I do not need anything, but still I need to have some important things. My train is at 5.00 AM tomorrow. I have reserved a birth in Mourya Express from Muzaffarpur which is scheduled at 2.00 PM and 3-3.5 hrs are enough for travel from Narkatiaganj to muzaffarpur. But, who will rely on these trains. Have to cover a long distance of about 3000 kms. Who is going to take risk? Still I have not started the packing.

Today I am thinking to go for a big shopping. Yes, shopping for vegetables. Although Narkatiaganj is a very small place but all the things for primary needs are being sold here. Need not to buy vegetables in “Paw” (means 250 grams) like Delhi & Bangalore. Vegetables are cheaper and fresh, direct from the farm. 1 kg Parwal, 1 kg jackfruit, 1 kg bitterguard, 2 kg spinach, 1.5 kg nenua, 500 gms nenua flower, 1 big round pumpkin, cucumber, dhaniya leaf, lemon etc only within Rs 50/-. I am fully satisfied after buying this much of vegetables.

Now have to start for packing. This is not the first time. I have to travel this much long once every 5-6 months. But this time I was going college not to study & stay there, but have to get issued certificates as have to join. The feeling was similar to that as it was July 23rd, before four years. I was going to be admitted in the same college. There is a normal saying “Samay se pahle aur bhagya se jyada kuchh nahi milta “ (nothing you can get earier than time and more than fate). I do have a proof with me. After completing ISc in 1997, I was continuously trying for IITJEE. I don’t think that the system is faulty for this. Either this was my fault or it was beyond my capability as after trying hard continuously for 5 years, I could not get into any of these IITs. People surrounding me were asking what happened? Something happened or not? Where were you wrong? Oh! It’s a matter of bad luck !! etc etc… Although I was getting penetrated by comments also, sympathies were bitterer. I was not able to cry too.

Finally I decided to leave so called Engineering field. I thought that this is beyond my capability. I started planning for civil services. That is my luck that from from the same year, CBSE stated its “AIEEE”. Although I do not use to fill any form other than IITs, I filled this form after seeing its popularity. But, either I was more relaxed towards IIT results or was not much fascinated towards the colleges in AIEEE, I did not even see the syllabus and exam paper’s format. After going through more than 50% of the question paper, I got to know that there is negative marking also. Anyway, I could not do anything more. I was expecting a very poor rank in this. But, I do not know how, got a ok type of rank. And also call for counseling. At that time I was in Delhi and the counseling was scheduled in Delhi only. So, after suggestion Pitaji, decided to attend the counseling. One of my good friends, Sandeep, told me that colleges of South are really good. He suggested some names. I got one of them. It was “Shanmugha Arts Science Technology and Research Academy” i.e. SASTRA. I decided not to take admission and prepare for IIT. Even I started to give some tuition also. But, one my father’s close friend told that this is a good college. Pitaji suggested taking admission and I started for that. I came home for certificates and money as well as. Narkatiaganj was flooded at that time. My college was closed. Anyhow, pitaji managed to get issued the certificates. I started for SASTRA for admission. My younger brother, Bhawesh was the guardian for me. This time there was no packing. I thought that I will just take admission and will come back. Again I will go for classes which might take about some 15-20 days. But the situation was different. I took admission on 27th July and the classes were going to be commenced on 29th of July.

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